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if_a_tree_fallsOrion Magazine: If a Tree Falls_film review

A first person story on how green is the new red.

BacktothegardenSierra Club’s Green Life: Back to the Garden

A closer look at off the grid hippies 20 years later and the lessons they have learned.

revengeoftheelectriccarSierra Club’s Green Life: Revenge of the Electric Car

Checking with Tesla and Nissan as well as indie builders on the fast paced EV market.

SushiglobalcatchSierra Club’s Green Life: Sushi: The Global Catch

Learn why scientists see Blue Fin Tuna being extinct before fossil fuels.

Adobe_icon_150_150Crosscut: SIFF_festival overview

Seattle International Film Festival is a very busy hub of cinematic creativity. Sort out the approaches that work for you in advance. Dear_Governor_Brown

Film maker Jon Bowermaster examines the environmental record of California’s ‘green Governor’.