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Ok, ok, so most of summer is gone and I haven’t blogged in a month. Now I will make up for it and with one single post cover a book review, some new poetry and observations from the Greater Seattle, excessively PC caffeine wagon.

If you love the Sierra Nevada, history or great literature, check out Gary Noy and Rick Heide’s

The Illuminated Landscape: A Sierra Nevada Anthology,

and watch for Gary Noy’s upcoming visit to Nevada City’s own Sierra Club meeting in the fall.

Just finished reading Snow on A Crocus by Joan Swift….

Here’s a review preview:

It is rare that the title of a book so aptly captures the essence of its inner pages. Snow on a Crocus gently lifts the reader into a dark journey told with such lyric and insight that one is seeing a flurry of snowflakes, dusting blossoms, before a more true spring, rather than a dreary unending winter.

A good friend of mine often observes life is all a cultural study….and being in a new geography certainly provides ample opportunity. In this case, I am learning about Bellevue, Washington and the city that I have dubbed as ‘the town that Bill built’— a notion which came to me this week as I watched the sunset reflect off a sky framed by Microsoft towers while sitting outside at Bellevue Whole Foods.

Next up: a visit to the Slowcoast and notes on social marketing.