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Earlier this month I attended the Seattle Social Media Club’s monthly meeting hosted at Microsoft’s Conference Center on December 8, 2010 in Redmond, Washington. There was a good mix of public, for profit and non-profit speakers discussing what they had experienced in 2010 and what they saw emerging for 2011 “State of the Social”. Social media shapers Eugene Cho, Jeremy Bertrand, Scott Porad, Kathy Gill, and Sean O’Driscoll showed up and gave frank and fresh insights.

First in a Series

I’m taking the last posts of 2010 to share their insights here, beginning now with a look at One Days Wages and their Christmas offering, One Last Gift.

Eugene and his wife Minhee founded One Days Wages in response to their own direct experience of global poverty and commitment to make a difference. Leveraging social media, One Days Wages generated over $30,000 in 24 hours for Haiti and are now 10% over their initial goal of raising $100k for Haiti’s relief and rebuilding efforts. With an annual advertising budget of $500, they have attracted over 700,000 likes on facebook.

Eugene Cho noted that for the first time in the United States since 1987, annual giving has seen a decrease of 3.9%—running counter to cost of living and need.

Cho considers trust the single most important commodity for non-profits and practices complete transparency in One Days Wages. Effective social media is about engaging in conversations.

This month, One Days Wages offers donation opportunities for the holidays. Send  something savvy instead of stuff while making a difference with One Less Gift.