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At the  intersection of social media and storytelling is the crux of transformative engagement. Seattle Arts and Lectures (SAL U) is partnering with the University of Washington’s Master of Communication in Digital Media (#MCDM) for Storytelling Uprising: Narrative & Engagement Intelligence in the Digital Age.

5 lectures. Each with a special focus. Insights into the technology that is shaping the world around us and shifting the way we communicate.  MCDM Director Hanson Hosein’s opening overview of the series touched on risk, filmography, and emerging markets.  It’s what surrounds us from Egypt to Old Spice—the process, strategy of engagement and outcomes. Social media combines journalism with marketing, and yet takes control away from both journalists and marketers. A mixed group of students and the public attended the first of this promising series at Kane Hall on the UofW campus.

How do we convince people to transact with our content in a way that justifies our effort? —Hanson Hosein

Pick up the lecture notes, or read for yourself in kindle here www.storytelleruprising.com

Next up:

FEB 23: David Domke
You Say You Want A Revolution? Generational Change and Citizen Engagement

MARCH 9: Kraig Baker
You Posted What on Facebook? Identifying and Managing Legal Risks in Social Media

MARCH 23: Scott Macklin
Building Organizational Capacity through Convening Community Stories

APRIL 6: Anita Verna Crofts
Let’s Do the Numbers: Metrics and Maturation of Digital Media in Emerging Markets.