Seattle Social Media Club’s monthly meeting hosted at Microsoft’s Conference Center on December 8, 2010 in Redmond, Washington raised key questions for 2011 with panelists from non-profit, for profit and government organizations.

Third in a Series

As the manager of one of the most progressive state transportation department websites, Jeremy Bertrand delivers Washington Department of Transportation information to  some 6 million residents through myriad channels. The integrated websites, blog, news and twitter accounts also relate to mobile apps, fed by complex traffic monitoring systems and 100s of traffic cameras.

As for 2011, Jeremy notes several interesting stats. First off, social marketing is driving about 10% of all web visits to WSDOT sites, a significant factor. Then there is the audience dynamic, which goes something like this: 75% of income generated today comes from baby boomers. Only 1 in 5 boomers are using social media. The challenge is one of customizing information, so it is right-matched for audience. An inferred dynamic is how to grow technology and information distribution while reaching all audiences, including late tech adopters.

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