The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is January 14-18 in Nevada City and Grass Valley, California. Films screening Friday, January 14, include the North American Premier of “Dear Governor Brown.” Filmmaker Jon Bowermaster will be in attendance for the screening, which is part of the film session “Water in the West” at the Miner’s Foundry, Stone Hall at 7pm. This film exposes the California governor’s support, or at least tolerance, for fracking and other dangerous oil extraction techniques. While widely considered an environmentally aware lawmaker, Bowermaster reveals the discrepancy between practices occurring today in California and the typical politic-speak frequently quoted by Governor Brown.

Executive Producer Mark Ruffalo adds a bit of Hollywood-heft to the professional production values of the short and impactful 25-minute “Dear Governor Brown”. Interviews with climate experts, California farmers, and families living near fracked wells explore the damage fracking and dangerous drilling cause to the climate, as well as the Golden State’s air, water, food production and public health. Viewers may be shocked to find so many of California’s treasured destinations and resources so precariously exposed and exploited. Fracking and other unsafe oil extraction processes are occurring in areas where the poor have little choice in avoiding contact with contaminated air, water and the very food grown from untested water resources. Watching the film, it is apparent that the general lack of awareness on fracking in California is complicated not only by a perception that policies and testing are place, but by the lack of a unified voice in rural and poor communities.

“This powerful film is a stark reminder to Governor Jerry Brown that climate leaders don’t frack,” said Kassie Siegel, a California resident and director of the Center’s Climate Law Institute. “Fracking and dangerous drilling are making Californians sick, and extreme oil extraction poses a devastating danger to our climate. By backing fracking, Governor Brown threatens to undermine everything California is doing in the fight against global warming.” “Dear Governor Brown” was screened in Paris on December 5 as part of an educational event sponsored by the Center for Biological Diversity and Food & Water Watch, simultaneous to Governor Brown’s appearances at the United Nations climate summit. California is experiencing a severe drought while sparsely available water is being dangerously polluted.

Filmmaker Jon Bowermaster is a veteran to the Wild & Scenic Film Festival and looks forward to visiting Nevada County. Asked about his motivation in making this film, he noted “ California has extreme resource extraction at the same time as it has in office one of the greenest governors in America. Governor Brown is however, consistently on the wrong side of this issue. In his public speaking, he urges consumers to use less, never facing the fact that we need to produce less.”

Californians live in the United States’ third-largest oil-producing state, yet there is little awareness of the extensive constant dangers and health encroachments oil production presents. “Dear Governor Brown” is an invitation to Gov. Jerry Brown to listen to the farmers, families and communities threatened by fracking in California.

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About Filmmaker Jon Bowermaster and “Dear Governor Brown”

Bowermaster is a noted oceans expert, award-winning journalist, author, filmmaker, adventurer and six-time grantee of the National Geographic Expeditions Council. He is the author of 11 books and producer of more than a dozen documentary films, including the celebrated New York anti-fracking film “Dear Governor Cuomo.” This will be his fifth visit as a participating filmmaker to the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. He wrote and directed “Dear Governor Brown”.

“Dear Governor Brown” will be shown throughout North America beginning in February 2016. Watch for upcoming additional screenings here.

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